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Spiritual And Psychic Development.

This is a day course designed to help you understand about spiritual development and developing your own psychic skills safely.
There are two levels available in this course.

Level 1 is for those who are at the beginning of their journey or have very little knowledge, but would like to find out more and to start opening the door to their skills.


Some of the areas covered within this course are: protection, chakras & aura system, meditations and their use in psychic development, different types of psychic contact and divination, coming into contact with your guides and angels and starting to develop a relationship with them.
This course is a mix of 'text book learning and practical learning'

Level 2 is for those who have already started down the path of their spiritual development, but would like to develop their skills further, with support.
This will look at psychic contact and divination techniques in greater depth. This course will be a lot more practical with little 'text book learning'.
An individual will already need to know the basics as these will not be covered in this course.
I will also be happy to design courses for individuals if there is a specific area you want to spend your day working on. This tailor made course will be at an extra charge.