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Reiki is hands on healing which uses the universal life force energy, to help heal mind, body and spirit.
It is believed that every living thing has life force energy running through it and at times it can be out of balance.
At these times by receiving reiki, the energy in one's system can become rebalanced.
It is believed that a balanced system will not have any ailments and so in the rebalancing of ones system, any energy blockages which can cause illnesses can be released.


Reiki comes from Japan and was discovered by Dr Mikao Usui and it means 'Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy.'
Reiki is a complementary therapy which means it can be used in conjunction with any other form of medical treatment.
Because of the type of therapy it is even when people are very ill, it can help calm and take feelings of fear away from them.

Reiki is taught in 3/4 parts.
The teaching of these courses can be carried out in whole days or split over several days.

Level 1
You will:
• Be attuned to the reiki energy.
• Learn the history and development of reiki.
• Learn how to give basic treatments to yourself and to others.
• You will also learn the reiki principles & contra indications.
• Do meditation.
• Anatomy and Physiology
• First Aid.
• Complementary and alternative therapies.

Before you come to do level 2 you will need to have kept a Journal of yourself reiki and have carried out and recorded 6 one-two-one treatments.
I will need to see these before progressing.
Reiki share sessions are available for you to attend for practice.

Level 2
Min of 3 months must have passed from completing Level 1
You will:
• Review Reiki 1.
• be attuned to level 2.
• Learn and practice the first 3 reiki symbols.
• Learn distance healing.
• Learn to create a healing space.
• Learn about mental and emotional treatments.
• About the law and reiki.
• Anatomy and Physiology.
• First Aid.
• Health and safety Legislation.
• Complementary and alternative therapies.
• Professional Indemnity and public liability.

Your journal needs to be continued and you need to have completed 16 case studies made up of 4 Volunteers receiving 4 therapy sessions.
This will need to be seen prior to receiving your certificate and continuing to level 3.
Reiki share sessions are available for you to attend for practice.
Once you have received your certificate you will be able to get insurance and start to work as a practitioner.

Level 3
A year must have lapsed from the start of training before level 3 can be completed
You will:
• Review Reiki 1 & 2
• Responsibilities of being a master
• Transformation tools and techniques
• Attunments to level 3
• Learning and using master symbols
• Anatomy and Physiology
• First Aid
• Health and safety Legislation
• Complementary and alternative therapies
• Continual self - development

Your journal needs to be continued, as well as 24 case studies made up from 6 clients receiving 4 treatments each (voluntary or paying, provided they are informed that you are training for level 3).
2 supervised treatments also need to be performed
- I will find the clients for these.

Level 4
This can be completed alongside level 3 if you would like to, but it will take 2 days.
• Looking at my course manuals from a teaching perspective
• Syllabuses for each Reiki level
• Teaching techniques
• Reiki federation
• Teaching students and recording outcomes