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Meditation evenings.

Meditation is a very important technique for us to learn as it has so many health benefits for us as individuals in modern day living.
18 benefits are:
increases blood flow and slows the heart rate.
Leads to a deeper level of physical relaxation.
Reduces anxiety attacks.
Reduces cholesterol levels, so lowers risk of cardiovascular disease.
Improved flow of air to the lungs, making easier breathing.
Less energy wasted.
improved performance in physical activites.
harmonizes our endocrine system.
relaxes our nervous system.
Builds self-confidence.
serotonin level increase which positively influences mood and behaviour.
Improvements with focus & concentration.
Increases listening skills and empathy.
People become more stable and balanced.
Helps keep things in perspective.
Provides peace of mind and happiness.
Deeper understanding of yourself and others.
Deeper Level of spiritual relaxation.


These evenings are for those wanting to try out different forms of meditation, or for those who like to gain experiences and confidence from being with others. There are a wide number of meditation techniques available; some of which are:
Mindful meditations, Spiritual meditations,
Focused meditations, Movement Meditations,
Mantra Meditations, Guided meditations,
Eyes open meditations, Walking meditations,
Transcendental Meditation and Breathing Meditation,
Central Channel Meditations.
2 different types of meditations will be tried in each session and experiences from these will be discussed within the group (if you feel comfortable to do so).