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Guides And Angels Workshop.

This course is split in to two parts. The first part looks at the different types of guides we have around us and the jobs that they do.
It also looks at making direct contact with our guides and the signs they give us to let us recognize that they are around us.
You will learn to make contact with your guides, learn their names and see how to ask them to help us in our day to day lives.


Part two will look at the different types of angels, what lessons and help they can bring to us; learning to make direct contact with the angels; Find out who your guardian angel is and who are the other angels you have round you at the moment.
You will also be able to identify signs of them being around you and even learn techniques to be able to see your angels.
This course is jointly written by Kate and her son Nathanael.
Nathanael has received information directly from his angels, for this course.