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Adult Learning.

Have you had difficulties learning and feel as though you won't ever progress forward, even though you are now an adult.
Main stream teaching in schools is restrictive and generally only teaches in one certain way.
I spent many years not feeling as though I would ever succeed academically, but with the use of different creative techniques I overcame those difficulties.
I now have a science degree and a Master's degree.


I was diagnosed dyslexic at the age of 17 when I found out I had a spelling level of a 10 year old.
I was so embarrassed and ashamed by this. Once I knew what was wrong with me, I set out to find answers on how I could overcome my problems.
On the process of self-discovery I have come across a range of different and unusual techniques that allowed me to unlock my potential.
Once I found the right key I was then able to move forward and gain my degrees.
This took a lot of hard work and dedication, but the relief I felt from this was incredible and when I had my photo taken with my family for my Master's degree was my proudest personal achievement.

I had many difficulties, a few of which were:

• Poor spelling and none existent grammar
• Memory difficulties
• Co-ordination difficulties
• Unable to tell the time and having no concept of time
• Getting angry when reading
• Getting frustrated very easily
• Very poor self esteem
• Daydreaming and concentration difficulties
• Unable to retain information read
• Mispronunciation of words
• Stammering

By the use of changing your perceptions, using clay, picturing skills and grounding techniques, I will show you the ability in which you can learn. These techniques need you to be open minded and willing to see learning in a completely different way.
In this case, 'difference' works. These techniques are used to improve both English and Maths.
Although I do not work with children, I do run courses and training sessions for parents to teach their children themselves.
These courses can be run through intensive programmes or through continual regular workshops or 2 hourly sessions.