About Metamorphosis.

About Kate

Kate was born a psychic and healer. From very small Kate used to see spirits coming through the bedroom walls and used to spend time talking to them. She spent a childhood being told that what she was seeing and experiencing was just her imagination and because of this it was put to one side for a while.
Studying. While at Southampton studying for a Law degree, Kate spent many hours in the library; not in the law section but in the religious section, trying to find out who she was and where did her strong beliefs come from. After a while of searching Kate found a book on psychics and spiritualists. It was here that Kate found many answers to her questions. It was also at this time that her skills reopened and became a main part of her life once again. This time Kate looked to others for answers and found herself time and again returning to spiritual fairs across the country, as she finally found people who believed that same way as she did. Books had also become her companion, with the likes of the Celestine prophecy series, The monk that sold his Ferrari, a range of Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra books to name but a few. Here she found herself developing ideas and her beliefs further. As she developed her knowledge in a range of areas, her skill grew further. Healing. As time went on Kate developed her healing abilities further, Spirits and angels showed her the inside of someone and what was wrong with them. They would then provide her with tools and techniques to help the person. Alongside her spiritual development Kate has spent time teaching dyslexia and gaining a degree in Environmental Science and a Master's degree in Environmental Management. But despite this she has come back time and again to her spiritual development and well-being. Her true path in life. Kate has now decided to share her knowledge and experiences with others and has developed a range of courses to do this. She hopes that this will help others on their own voyage of discovery and development, where they will no longer feel isolated and alone.